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Our Vision

Our Vision

All women and their families are empowered to lead healthy lives.

Our Mission

We work for equal access to healthcare for disadvantaged women and their families in Tower Hamlets, and elsewhere, through awareness-raising, advocacy and the provision of relevant health services.  We challenge discrimination and we campaign for people's rights and choices to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Aims

  • To promote health education for women from disadvantaged communities (especially Asian and African women) in Tower Hamlets and elsewhere, particularly before, during and after giving birth.
  • To promote and improve the health and wellbeing of women, their families and communities in Tower Hamlets, and elsewhere.
  • To tackle inequality by challenging discrimination and advocating services that meet the diverse needs of local communities.
  • To empower women and their families to develop their capacity, skills and confidence to contribute to their communities.
  • To deliver excellent services through a well-governed, well-managed, efficient and highly effective organisation.

Our Values

  • Trust and Respect: we will build trusting and respectful relationships.
  • Confidentiality: we will maintain confidentiality in our work.
  • Honesty and Professionalism: we will be honest and professional in everything we do.

Our Ways of Working

User Involvement
WHFS is committed to consulting and involving our users in every aspect of our delivery and to facilitating the voice of users in the public arena.

WHFS acknowledges that the experience and cultural knowledge of staff and volunteers are just as valuable to our work as academic qualifications: everybody has skills and assets to offer and we work as a community, not as individuals.

Recruitment & Training
WHFS is committed to recruiting staff, Trustees and volunteers locally, so as to represent local communities, and to support people into training so that services are more representative of their users.

Independent Voice
WHFS will challenge mainstream services, highlight need and seek funding to run pilot projects and research that influence knowledge and services.

Change Management
WHFS values the ability to change services according to the needs of local communities.

Partnership Working
WHFS is committed to partnering with and supporting other voluntary and statutory sector organisations to gain the best possible outcomes for our users and to avoid duplication of services.

Further Information

For information on WHFS projects and how to get involved in our work, please click on these links: