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WHFS (Women's Health & Family Services) makes extensive use of research to:

  • Enhance our understanding (and that of our partners) of the communities and groups we work with

  • Measure and evaluate the impact of our services

  • As a grass roots organisation, WHFS is well placed to play a role in community-based research that:
    • Provides meaningful and relevant evidence about how different communities manage their health in Tower Hamlets
    • Empowers communities to voice their issues, and identify solutions that can deliver sustainable improvements to the health choices available to people

We also work regularly with a number of universities and research professionals

Community-based Research

WHFS consults local people using different qualitative and quantitative methods.  We regularly undertake formal and informal research and listening projects, for ourselves and our partners, to better understand local communities’ issues and to identify how sustainable services can be developed which are appropriate and effective. 

To read more about our community-based research, and the methods and resources we are able to deploy, please click here.