Patient Open Consent

The Patient Open Consent project has been completed and is now closed. This page is for information only.

Women’s Health and Family Services (WHFS) successfully secured funding for six months from the NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (THCCG) to consult communities and health professionals on a new scheme called ‘Open Consent’ that aims to improve access to community health initiatives in Tower Hamlets.

What is Open Consent?

Open Consent provides an opportunity for GPs to share patient information (name and contact details only) with community initiatives in the area.  Some examples of these are healthy eating programmes, exercise classes and befriending schemes.  Open Consent is entirely voluntary and patients are free to withdraw from the scheme at any point.

From November 2014 WHFS will approach health professionals and community groups to gather information regarding the level of understanding and attitudes towards Open Consent in Tower Hamlets; what it means, what the barriers to participating may be and solutions to addressing these barriers.

At present, GPs need to gain patient consent each time they want to recommend a community activity or programme to a patient.  Open Consent removes this hurdle and makes it easier for patients to access new opportunities.  WHFS seeks to empower our local communities through Open Consent and equip people with the knowledge necessary for them to organise their healthcare.


For further information about this project, please contact:

Karen Wint - Interim Operations Manager
T:  020 7377 8725
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