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Health in Old Age - Somali Men's Health Group

The Somali Men's Health Group project has been completed and is now closed.  This page is for information only.

WHFS (Women's Health & Family Services) developed the Somali Men's Health Group in 2010, which ran until August 2015 and was funded by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) Adult Services.

The project encouraged Somali men over 50 to improve their quality of life by introducing the idea of healthier diets, dealing with physical problems and coping with isolation and exclusion in their lives.  All activities were managed by Somali speakers, who also encouraged the men to participate in related services in the borough.

Many Somali people as they get older are less motivated to leave their homes and take part in outside activities.  We actively supported those that find this more difficult and set up a referral system with Adult Services, GPs, District Nurses and Somali sheltered housing schemes, so that elders could be visited and told more about the project before they chose to come along.

WHFS provided a weekly club with activities and advice on coping with isolation and conducted outreach activities for people who were housebound and made home visits upon referral from health professionals.

Activities provided at the club

Along with a healthy, nutritious meal WHFS provided:

  • Keep fit sessions
  • Healthy eating classes
  • Advice on managing long-term conditions (such as diabetes)
  • Guest speakers giving advice on topics suggested by project users

Further information

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