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Our Impact

WHFS (Women's Health & Family Services) has made a significant difference to the health and well-being of women and their families in Tower Hamlets since 1981.  Our work has a long history of influencing statutory health planning and services to better respond to the needs of local communities.

We are committed to thoroughly monitoring and assessing the impact of our services, and we work regularly on this with a number of universities and research professionals.  Our Research and Evaluation Group (REG) of Trustees and expert Associates oversees the evaluation of every project’s impact to ensure that our assessments are of the highest possible standard.

Example of impact monitoring and evaluation
- Maternity Mates

Our flagship Maternity Mates programme has been monitored throughout and its impact evaluated by WHFS, Tower Hamlets’ Public Health Department and York University. 

  • Interviews found that mothers were extremely appreciative of the Maternity Mates and that the volunteers found the process very rewarding.
  • Midwives also appreciated the help that Maternity Mates offered.  
  • The evaluation revealed that 100% of the isolated and vulnerable women who committed to having a Maternity Mate were given consistent individual support which improved their experience of the midwifery service.
  • In addition, 83% of mothers initiated breastfeeding following support from a Maternity Mate - this compares to a national breastfeeding initiation rate of 73.9%.

These outcomes have been shared with health and community agencies within and beyond Tower Hamlets, to highlight the impact of the project on empowering mothers to make decisions that positively impact on their health and well-being and give a healthier start in life to their children.