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Happy Healthy Hearts Training with BHF

WHFS were delighted to be involved in the training day with Jay Smith and Rebekah Stackhouse from the British Heart Foundation on Thursday 19th February.

Despite it being half term we had an excellent turn out at the Brady Centre with 20 volunteers and staff enhancing their skills.

We found out who is more at risk of developing heart disease

The session taught us to measure our waist. The quickest way of doing this to bend your elbow and measure the circumference of your belly directly below this. I was surprised to find there are different allowances for different ethnicities.

We found out how to cut our chances of developing heart disease

In an interactive session everyone learnt more about food from reading the labels. We found out that sodium on a label is not the equivalent of salt content but is, in fact, two and a half times the equivalent of salt.  Crisps or cereals therefore, which only listed the sodium content, were much saltier than we had expected. Nearly all processed foods including cereals, cakes and biscuits had salt added.

Keeping people engaged

We learned how to keep people engaged when trying to teach them about healthy lifestyle changes; WHFS facilitated conversation and discussion around the negative effects of smoking and the importance of healthy eating. This was done by asking open questions and listening to everyone in the group without interrupting.

I learned a lot at the same time as having a fun day getting to know my colleagues better.  A big thank you to everyone for making it happen.

Janette Cliffe
WHFS Happy Health Hearts Project Worker

Further information

Please click here for for further information on the WHFS Happy Healthy Hearts programme.