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Community Champion Award for WHFS Joint Chair

WHFS was very pleased to attend a prestigious event to recognise the long serving community champions in Tower Hamlets.  Myra Garrett, the Joint Chair of WHFS (Women's Health & Family Services), was presented with her award by Commander John Ludgate from the Canary Wharf Group on 30th October 2014 for her tireless campaigning work to tackle health inequalities in the borough.

On receiving her award Myra said:

“I am really delighted to make this exciting connection with the Canary Wharf Group on behalf of the Tower Hamlets women we work with.  There are many things we share as women which will allow us to make contact across the differences between our lives and aspirations.  

We have a great deal to learn from sharing cultures, communities and experiences.  I look forward to seeking out areas of mutual interest on which we can build some truly innovative and inspiring collaborations. Thanks to the Canary Wharf Group for the honour and the challenge to build something new and exciting by working together”.

Myra Garrett, WHFS Joint Chair