Become a WHFS Trustee

About WHFS Trustees

WHFS (Women’s Health & Family Services) is governed by a women-led, volunteer Board of Trustees who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic and policy direction for staff, finances and resources. 

WHFS benefits from a Trustee Board which has a rich and diverse range of skills and expertise, including public health experience, the understanding which comes from being a practising GP, high-level political experience, fundraising and networking skills.

On an annual basis, the Board of Trustees reviews its membership composition (both the number and skill sets of Trustees), in light of WHFS’s current priorities.

The process to become a WHFS Trustee:

  • Please send an email to the Joint Chair - details below - outlining why you would like to become a WHFS Trustee and the skills you are offering.
  • The Joint Chair will contact you for an informal telephone discussion.
  • A meeting at the WHFS offices will then be arranged with you and a Trustee.
  • The Trustee will report back to the Board of Trustees about your suitability.
  • You will then be invited to attend a Trustee Board meeting as an observer and to meet the Board.
  • The Board will make a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting if you are suitable to become a WHFS Trustee.
  • You will be given feedback if your request to become a Trustee is not recommended.

Trustee Board Meetings

The Trustee Board meets every two months between 6pm and 8pm at our offices:

WHFS (Women's Health & Family Services)
The Brady Centre

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192-196 Hanbury Street
London E1 5HU


To become a trustee please contact Annie Karlin or Karen Wint at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.