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New Project Funding: Researching Patient ‘Open Consent’

WHFS achieved funding to explore Patient Open Consent in July 2014 from Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (THCCG).

This is where patents consent before they need referral to different health agencies in order to speed up the referral processes and therefore access by patients to the support they need.  WHFS has been commissioned to work creatively with patients and health professionals (particularly GPs) to capture their experience of, and attitude to, Patient Open Consent.

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Champion for Local Women

Sharon Hanooman

The following article is reprinted with the kind permission of Operation Black Vote (OBV).

Sharon Hanooman is a champion of OBV's (Operation Black Vote’s) values.  Not only is she a graduate of OBV’s Magistrates Shadowing Scheme and now a serving magistrate, but through her work as Director of WHFS (Women’s Health & Family Services), Hanoonman is making a positive difference to people’s lives every day.  OBV’s Angelica Encinales visited the recent WHFS Annual General Meeting to find out more.

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